Professional Team

Lloyd Bartlet

Mr. Bartlet is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), having managed a wide variety of projects over the past 25 years. As a professional process improvement specialist he began his career in the management of large scale construction projects, including James Bay hydroelectric. He then earned a scholarship and returned to university to continue his focus and specialization on financial cost control and earned value methods. Following his graduation with an MBA from Queen`s University, he spent several years consulting in the implementation of scheduling and cost control systems on several major projects across Canada. He has since conducted project management initiatives in numerous industries and settings, including productivity improvement (CP Rail), procurement cost tracking (Canadair), and supplier `Partnership` Program Management with IATA. Lloyd has been providing training in project management for approximately 15 years, offering both full courses and workshops at McGill university as well as in private industry.

Michael Berman

Mr. Berman was educated at SIR GEORGES WILLIAMS university and then continued his studies by receiving an A.A.S. diploma in Management Process Improvement Specialist Technology from the Fashion Institute Of Technology in New York City In 1972.

Mr.Berman, having worked as an industrial process improvement specialist and management consultant, has extensive experience in the sewn products industry with projects that include the development plus installation of piecework and other incentive systems, time and motion study, programs of productivity improvement and cost reduction, plant layout and design, machine selection and assessment and quality enhancement programs. He also worked as a professor, teaching industrial courses at La Salle College. Recent assignments have been in food processing and wooden pallet assembly and reprocessing.

Jacques Brault

Mr. Brault's educational background include:Bachelor in Applied Sciences, Mechanical process improvement specialisting, option in Process Improvement, École Polytechnique de Montréal. Bachelor of Arts, Collège de Saint-Laurent, Montréal. Other training include: Total Quality Control, Value Added Manufacturing, basic programming, the Exceptional Manager Program and Developing Manufacturing's Competitive Potential. Mr. Brault is a mechanical process improvement specialist specialized in industrial process improvement specialisting. He is a member of the order of process improvement specialists of Quebec.

He has worked in the fashion industry since 1970 as project process improvement specialist, director of process improvement specialisting, director of quality control and director of production. He is a recognized specialist in management of apparel production, introduction of new technologies, quality control and just-in-time processes. In his work experience Mr, Brault has successfully undertaken numerous assignments in both the academic field as well as private and public practice.

Due to his diverse world experience and education Mr. Brault is fluently conversant in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. As well he is competent in written French, English and Spanish.

Mr Brault has been a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec in years prior, but currently has not renewed his membership.

Danny Kroo

Mr. Kroo is a graduate process improvement specialist of the order of process improvement specialists of the Province of Quebec. He has extensive experience in in Quality Assurance , Project Management, and Process Improvement. Mr. Kroo has become an ISO 9000 specialist and has successfully led 28 companies to ISO certification. In the process, he has taken and successfully passed the Lead Assessor/ Assessor Training course provided by SGS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION SERVICES LTD.

Mr Kroo has graduated in the faculty of engineering but is not a member of the Ordre des Engineers de Quebec.


Steve Woloz

Mr. Woloz (BSC MC GILL 1965; AAS ME F.I.T. NYC 1966) founded the management consulting practice of Steve Woloz Associates Inc. in 1974. based on his extensive experience in both in Process Improvement and Human Resource Development. Regarding the former, this includes methods and workplace improvement, work measurement, cost reduction, work flow; materials handling / storage, plant layout and design, productivity and quality enhancement Regarding Human Resources, this includes job descriptions, job training, management coaching, performance evaluation and compensation systems. Reinforced by experience, Mr. Woloz has developed and given customized training programs and management coaching to more than 1000 individuals on a global basis. Mr. Woloz has been approved by the government of Québec " la Commission des partenaires du travail" in conjunction with " la Direction du Soutien au Développement de la Main-d'oeuvre (DSDMO)",as an accredited trainer " formateur agréé". In addition , Mr. Woloz , following the guidelines set out by the Commission des Partenaires du Marché du Travail has assisted numerous companies to comply with La Loi favorisant le développement et la reconnaissance des compétences de la main-d'oeuvre. He has also assisted corporations to comply with requirements of Pay Equity (Loi sur l'équité salariale ) as set out by Commission de l'équité salariale :

Our Professional Associates

Matthew Eramian

Matthew Eramian is the founder and owner of High Resolution Productions Inc. He oversees the day-to-day functioning of the company, and has many production credits to his name, including the ratings juggernaut Canadian Idol, Global TV's The Home Showcase, and the W Network show Completely Hammered.


Mr. Eramian began his career as a video editor for the W Network show Completely Hammered. It was during this time that he also worked on Debbie Travis' Facelift and the acclaimed OMNI Network documentary, My Grandmother.


Upon realizing the potential of commercial videos, Mr. Eramian decided to shift the focus of High Resolution Productions to producing corporate videos and television commercials for established companies, including pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Bayer, as well as Air Canada, one of the the largest international carriers in the world. Companies like Bath Fitter, Sohji-Co, Benjamin Moore and Head On have also come to High Resolution Productions for their corporate needs.


In 2005, Mr. Eramian brought High Resolution Productions into the world of filmmaking by serving as Executive Producer for the award-winning film, Alex, Vampire Slayer. The short, which has earned numerous prizes at festivals across the globe, was the first film released by the company, and is still being screened to this day.


As a member of various boards of directors for non-profit organizations, Mr. Eramian maintains active business relationships with a number of small-business leaders and professionals within the community. Mr. Eramian currently serves as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Loyola High School Alumni Association. He is also the Technical Director for the Quintus Film Festival, and Director of Public Relations for the Montreal Westward Rotary Club.

Bill Franchini

Mr. Franchini possesses a solid background in Business Process Analysis. In addition he is particularly experienced in the analysis and improvement of internal processes (Administrative and Operational) prior to the implementation of Enterprise Management Systems. This includes selection, design and implementation of ERP/MRP solutions for medium sized companies. Mr Franchini has acted as a senior manager in IT related companies and mostly in the implementation of Enterprise management solutions (ERP/MRP/CRM etc.). Mr. Franchini's education include Enterprise Accounting; SAP Business One Consultant; Navision Production and Supply Chain Management; Navision Financials; Navision Warehousing and Distribution; Microsoft Business Solutions Consultant ;Microsoft Business Solutions Navision Web Shop; Web Integration; APICS - Supply Chain Management ;3Com 3+ Open; ASANTE - Networking Technologies

Barry Goodz

Barry is owner and Project Manager of Internet Resources: Web Strategy and Design, and has been providing a full range of Web development and marketing services since 1995.


Margarita Muratova

Margarita Muratova is an IT professional with more than 10 years of experience in Information system management, software development and implementation Her experience includes all aspects of solution delivery , Project management for end-to-end implementation, Operations management, Management of development cycle, staging, pre-prod, uploads to production , Data centre setup and management. Her technical skills include detailed knowledge and experience working with On-line solution development, Database management; Business Intelligence solutions ; Microsoft SharePoint; Back Up Software; Database Encryption; Database Audit Software; Application Security Software.

Pierre G. Pouliot

Mr. Pouliot (MBA, PMP : Principal PGP Consulting) is an experienced professional in the realm of strategic consulting for business management, business development, information systems and change management. He has acquired a vast experience in the areas of managing projects and the development of business strategies for the manufacturing, distribution, services, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry and a variety of other private enterprises. This experience enabled him to master a simplified approach to business development, orient management towards an effective and results oriented improvement plan in order to obtain better performance, growth and profitability. He also displays an excellent capacity to motivate team members. Mr. Pouliot has earned numerous awards and recognitions including Service of Excellence to Healthcare Institutions award ; Leadership awards; 12 IBM 100% Clubs and 1 Golden Circle Achievement award ; Qualified service provider by the Quebec Ministry of Economic Development (MDEIE)

Norman Quintin

Mr. Norman Quintin is a professional specialised in the management of CSST files covering the aspects of claims management ; work accidents- risk assessment and prevention ; professional illness ; workforce training to avoid accidents) He has a substantial track record in the management of work related accidents, including reductions in the costs associated with the CSST files. This is accomplished by personalised service to develop and implement training and prevention programs designed to conform with the CSST guidelines. Mr. Quintin has begun his career in the sewn products industry ( commencing 1972) as an industrial process improvement specialist and director of human resources. He has established a strong reputation as a qualified expert in the field of claims management in work. His experience has traversed a multitude of engagements in both the manufacturing and service sectors .

Philip M. Troy

Dr. Troy (Ph.D. - Quantitative Process & Decision Support Systems Analyst)is a quantitative process and decision support systems analyst. He earned a bachelor of science degree in process improvement specialisting Science and a master of science degree in Quantitative business analysis at The Pennsylvania State University, and a doctorate in Operations Research from Yale University. His skills include Monte Carlo Simulation, optimization, systems analysis, software development. For a little more than the last two years, Dr Troy has focused his efforts on both teaching Monte Carlo Simulation at the John Molson School of Business, as well as in analyzing and simulating peri-operative processes at the Jewish General Hospital.

Working with Steve Woloz Associates, Dr. Troy's efforts have been focused on helping clients prepare and submit government tax claims for Scientific Research and Experimental Development.